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A Victim of Madness: A victim of pyschotic cyber-stalker tells her story!

9 Views· 28 Dec 2021
Hard Cold Alquan

The world can be a very dangerous place! The danger increases as more threats of the unpredictable variety emerge. When a kind hearted woman opened her home and family to a down on his luck man, she had no idea of the hell that she would experience from such an invitation - plus YEARS of cyber-stalking after the split!

When a break up happens among normal minded people - they move on. When one party is certified mentally insane by the state of Missouri - YEARS of harassment and cyber-stalking follow! A man - locked up for TEN years in a mental facility. The same man - cyber-stalker a woman for TEN years after their split. This is not a horror film, this is a REAL-LIFE horror - of the CRIMINALLY INSANE!

We have special guest - Aleeyah Muhammad on to discuss her real-life horror story about her experiences with and "Ed Gein" type of personality. This is scary. This is sad. This is heartbreaking, but this is REAL.

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