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Another pan-African tries again, but fails again!

4 Views· 19 Nov 2021
Hard Cold Alquan

Hey! For some reason, when I call into a live, RBG people love to have a conversation to try their best to trip me up. As you know, all have tried - and all have failed! Now we have The4Kast, who seemed to be one of the more level headed RBG types, but after this discussion, it is clear that he too wants to round us all up into one nice 'pan-African' package and nothing more.

No matter the discussion of admission, AFRICA is always comes back around as a starting point with them. They accuse me of doing something that I not only freely admit, but something that I put forth - that my/our info largely comes from the WHITE MAN!

They fail to realize or to accept that the white man came up with pan-Africanism and uses Caribbean AGENTS to sell it to black America as a form of victimized (through slavery) brotherhood. Many of us reject it, and those who accept it or either fooled into the stories of pan-Africanism, or are BULLIED into accepting it, or at least being OK with it.

In this discussion, you will hear the man start off calm, then claim to be truthful, then drop a word, switch a word, change a meaning, change a date, change a European, then claim that he did not, then go back and try to correct the wrong - only to lie and be slick again!

I warn people - that you cannot pull those games with me because I expect nothing but LIES from pan-Africans. We know they deal with lies because when truth is presented to them, or when proof of their ideology's lies are presented, then dismiss truth and continue with the lies. We cannot move forward like that.

Africa is a piece of crap continent, and it can never become the center of anything in these modern times - for various reasons. Most African countries cannot build a modern road. Egypt just built a new digital city that looks great, with Africa's tallest modern building - but the government are not Africans!

I say - show me something before you want to force something on me. If pan-Africans spent half as much time actually DOING half of what they claimed they want to do with and for Africa instead of worrying about who refuses to identify with an unknown people, then maybe they might actually be able to build. Of course, they do nothing because doing nothing is the goal, while fooling us and trying to get us to leave the USA, IS the goal!

Is that an African goal, of the creators of pan-Africanism?

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