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Cyberattack Update: Killware…..New Face…..Same Satan ?

3 Views· 01 Nov 2021
Shocking Vibe
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TheMessiahsOurSavior 3 months ago

Good info. On top of all that they are trying to get rid of cash, make everything digital and implement a social credit score they could use the deny access to things. Imagine if the grid went down the way some say they intend. And what about ppl who don't have internet or a cell like the homeless. People need to at least do what they can like start using cash as often as possible so there is a demand for it. And most importantly need to get rid of or limit using the cell phone, that would stop them being able to implement that digital ID. They are trying to trick ppl into going along with all kinds of incentives, don't be fooled - it looks/sounds good but its a trap. We also need to return to and create a demand for the old fashion land line phones.

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