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Crazy Heathen Tries To Steal Entire Basket Of Goods, Fights Workers When Stopped

31 Views· 19 Sep 2021
Shala Yisrael

⁣Crazy Heathen Tries To Steal Entire Basket Of Goods; Fights Workers When they stop her.

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11 months ago

But they call us, the thieves. When all they have ever done is lie, steal(obviously) cheat & kill. I do believe THM's 10 commandments, say not to do these things. Oh, and they're hypocritical lawbreakers.

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11 months ago

Correction TMH's 10 Commandments. Auto corrector.

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Azaliyah 11 months ago

That thang didn't want to pay for s88T. ... LMAO!!

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Above All That Drama
Above All That Drama 11 months ago

Another #BatShitCrazy carrot nose cave bitch. LOL SMH

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