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WOW AMAZING!!!2021 Aston Martin Vantage F1 Edition | Price | Review | Interior & Exterior

Above All That Drama

WOW AMAZING!!!2021 Aston Martin Vantage F1 Edition | Price | Review | Interior & Exterior - Despite the claims made by carmakers anxious to justify the huge amounts they spend on top-flight racing, few Formula 1 innovations have reached road cars in recent decades. Beyond structural carbon fibre, it’s hard to think of another one.

Despite the promise of its name and its many badges, the 2021 Aston Martin Vantage F1 Edition isn’t an exception to this rule.

The connection between the car and the sport it’s named after is limited to the fact it is available in the same shade of satin green that adorns Aston’s Formula 1 cars. And it is carrying similar wing work to the rapid-intervention safety car that Aston has built to patrol Grand Prix tracks this year.

But nor is the Vantage F1 an example of the stickers-and-bodykit specials that motorsport often inspires. It has been treated to some significant enhancements over the regular Vantage as well as the visual bling, with the new chassis settings working particularly well during a drive on both road and track in the UKA modest increase in power output is probably the least of the F1 Edition’s accomplishments. Compared to the regular Vantage, its 4.0-litre AMG twin-turbo V8 has been turned up from 385kW to 393kW – still 37kW shy of the brawnier engine in AMG’s own GT R – but the difference is slight enough that Aston claims the same 0-100km/h times for both regular and F1 Vantage.

It does feel more enthusiastic, though. Both thanks to a louder soundtrack, one that is muscular and rorty even with the switchable exhaust in its quieter mode, and becomes gloriously anti-social in the full-loud setting that comes with selecting the powertrain’s Sport Plus or Track settings.Two seconds of full throttle and then backing off to a fusillade of pops and bangs is probably close to an anti-hooning citation. Aston has also tweaked the gearbox software to deliver snappier changes, with less torque cut on upshifts and a smarter algorithm to help block shifts when coming down the ’box under hard deceleration.

The eight-speed auto is still some way off the snap and aggression of a twin-clutch transmission, but it’s impressively quick for a torque converter.Physical suspension changes are limited, but the effect of these combined with various software tweaks has been to deliver a significantly enhanced driving experience. The F1 Edition gets firmer rear springs, revised adaptive dampers and various bits of chassis stiffening at the front, including a swap to a stiffer steering column. Together that has improved steering feel and also front-end precision.

But it’s at the back that the F1 Edition feels most different. Like the regular Vantage it has an active differential, which uses two electronically controlled clutch packs to vary the side-to-side torque split. In the existing car this works hard to impart drama, even at relatively low cornering speeds in the more aggressive dynamic modes, overspeeding the outside back wheel to help make the car feel edgy and oversteery.

The F1 Edition has less of this, staying planted under even big chassis loadings and with impressive traction from the P-Zero tyres on its new 21-inch rims. (Aston boss Tobias Moers insisted on not using track-biased cup-spec rubber for increased performance on the grounds it would knock on-road usability.)

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