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Journey to Long Natural Hair With Pictures

8 Views· 06 Jun 2021

I wanted to share my natural hair journey with you. I have been on my hair journey for 11 years. I started in 2010 to now 2021. In this video I am sharing from childhood until now so you can see the full transformation my hair has made ( with pictures and videos). I had years of growth and 4 years of setbacks. Even though I had setbacks my consistency , love and care poured into my hair has helped it grow long despite that. I started around arm pit length and now Im around waist length. I hope this journey will encourage you to keep going and don't give up even if you don't see the results just yet. It will all pay off. Trust me.

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Hi! My name is Cree. I have been on my natural hair journey for almost 11 years. I started on July 15, 2010 and never looked back. I wanted to share my journey on natural hair growth while sharing some techniques and styles that can help the next person on their journey. Some of my other interest are make up, fashion and living a healthy lifestyle so maybe I will share videos about this too! Some other interesting facts about me is that I lived abroad in Europe for a few years and got a masters degree in the environmental field. Overall, I am just a silly down to earth person!
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