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.22 Shorts - Don't let their "cuteness" fool you

9 Views· 05 Mar 2021

Filmed safely at a proper shooting range, we compare the .22 short to the popular CCI Mini-Mag in .22 LR. All the tests were done through a Ruger 10/22 with an 18.5" barrel, (we intended to use the Speedmaster but the rear sight is damaged and gave us funky accuracy). The OLD .22 shorts proved to be very reliable while the 15 year old Mini-mags, despite always being store in a dry cool place, were already showing signs of going "bad". We had one squib (bullet did not leave the barrel) and one shot with very low velocity in the tests. We did chrono a number of the CCIs and averaged around 1240 FPS. It was surprising how the 60+ year old shorts held up and proved to be have the same potency as they did leaving the factory, probably due to the wax coating. I'm sure they didn't intend for the rounds to be functional for so long, but the BIG surprise was how powerful the shorts actually were.

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