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The HIGHEST PAYING Associate Degrees for 2021

5 Views· 11 Nov 2021
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Now when ever you find a list for associates Degree you also hear the stories about air traffic control and how they earn $122,990 in just two years. But they don’t tell you that only 2000 jobs are available per year and the growth in this degree is fairly slow. And that it’s a fast pase, high stress position, so its obviously not for everyone. They literally have to give employees a break every 90-120minutes for a half hour. And only about 1% make it inside.

However in thise video, I’ve created 3 categories of jobs that are the best when it comes to associates. You’ll have Software/Computers, Health/medical and then more labour jobs that pay good.

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0:00 Intro
3:04 Tech Jobs
7:29 Medical Field Jobs
12:18 Labor Jobs
18:20 Outro

1. Software and internet security ones ( category one )
- Web Development $67,990 : these people are responsible for building websites, maintening them and some even the athletics of a websites. I actually have a friend who word in sales in IBM and his job was to give clients what they needed with a website.
- Network Engineering $54,740: Students learned to Deploy lan, wan and remote-accesss services. And learned how to manage Data center facilties.
- Cyber Security $57,000
- IT Assocaites: starts at $37,900
- Computer Programer $82,240: Most people have a bachelours degree but some employers are willing to hire with an associate degree. You’ll be building the Code behind those websites and programs that people love so much. All those 1 and 0s lol but more complicated than that.

Health Categories
- Radiologic and MRI Technologist: $60,070 ( these people help treat cancer and other diseases through radition therapy )
- Nuclear Medicine Technologist: $79,590 ( adminest radio active drugs to patients for imaging or treatment )
- Dental Hygienist: $74,070 ( work along side a dentist and remove stains, plaque and so on )
- Registered Nurse: $70,000
- Medical Sonographer: $65,620 ( not just baby but helping a doctor get an image or an organ and other stuff)
- Personal Care Aides: $25,280 ( you basically hep someone perform task they can no longer, dRessing them, laundry and so on )

Labour Type Jobs
- Electrical Engineering: $41,000 a year
- Police officer $62,690
- HVAC Installer: $40,000
- Aerospace Engineering and Operations Technicians $66,020
- Funeral Service Workers $58,310
- Civil Engineering Technicians $53,410

Air Traffic: https://www.forbes.com/sites/m....ichelerobson/2020/05
Zippia: https://www.zippia.com/explore/




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