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"Feminista Jones’ “I’m A Ph.D.!” Moment"

15 Views· 25 Nov 2020
Above All That Drama

She's baaack...just when I thought that Ms. Millennium Falcon Butt herself - the self-styled "Feminista Jones" - would waddle off into the sunset, here she is back to crow over a down-to-the-wire, illegitimate "win" of Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and the Democrat Party for the White House. Jones, whose failures in "stopping street harassment" and "getting Black men to get on board with Black Feminism via smutty books" are well documented, has now seemed to have gotten a second wind being a solidly middle-aged "politically engaged" Black feminist woman. Her latest hustle? Being a "doctoral student".

Tune in to "Obsidian Radio" NOW BACK on YouTube, to hear all the details - it all goes down TONIGHT at 6PM EST! I'll see you then!

NEW COLUMN: Feminista Jones’ “I’m A Ph.D.!” Moment #Negromanosphere

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