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This Is Why Afro Puerto Ricans & Dominicans Deny Being Black!

292 Views· 20 Sep 2018
Everybody Hates Angel

I made a video called "Puerto Ricans & Dominicans are Black" and I had a bunch people say "not all puerto ricans are Black"... I thought it was obvious that I was talking about the Black ones and the ones mixed with a lot of African DNA... In this video I explain why these so called "hispanics" (it's a culture not a race) deny being Black, primarily as they feel it pertains to African americans. This is for the Afro-Latino, Afro Latina, Afro Hispanic & Afro Boricua
Please check out the first video "Puerto Ricans & Dominicans are Black" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_zJ64wX-HA

Also check out this video about the differences between race, nationality, ethnicity and culture https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ojSKJLKKLxg

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Ann T Lope
Ann T Lope 3 years ago

J-Lo don't look white but sister looks 100% Caucasian.

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Ann T Lope
Ann T Lope 3 years ago

Here's how I see it. The next time a black person comes up to you and tells you you're not black, just look them in the eyes and tell them if I'm not black, neither are you. Just like Paul Mooney said we speak English because of slavery and because of the fact that we're in the country. We ain't European or Queen Elizabeth lol. Hispanics have just as much black in them as so called black people do. I've even seen Indians and Arabs midnight black with nappier hair than most black people and swear that they're not black, when they're black than most black people on this earth. Also we weren't called black until we came to America, so if we were never in enslaved, hispanics would not exist, so I see us as one in the same, we just speak different languages.

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Great upload.

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Dumplings85 3 years ago

I know a woman who's Dominican... mind you she looks totally black. She told she has black roots & she totally lost it. I thought, don't DR share an island w/ Haiti? Why is it impossible?

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Elizabeth Green
Elizabeth Green 3 years ago

Self hate

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