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BW Befriends The Wrong One

960 Views· 25 Jul 2018
Lisa Cabrera
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ladrena 3 years ago

This is wild

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NoMincedWordsTV 3 years ago

All of them are the wrong one

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Magenta 3 years ago

Does anyone truly believe that she was dating him? I suppose there are people who are desperate to see black women as desperate. Not enough info on this story. It may have been a financial arrangement, blackmail, but apart from the racism, he looks like a psycho killer. He is the extreme version of the people that surround black people everyday, the ones that shoot black people out of 'fear for their lives', the ones that engineer situations and then call the police. White men beat the empathy out of black people centuries ago, but don't sneer and ridicule, next it could be someone you know, or even you.

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nataliadrake 3 years ago

The Hills have eyes 2018

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Bad Bad Puddy Cat!!!

(LitaMichelle) What was this dumbass thinking about, dating the KKK sloth from The Goonies

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