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IHOP is DANGEROUS! Stephanie's testimony.

6 Views· 23 Feb 2022

Stephanie was a student/intern at the International House of Prayer for three and a half years before being ejected unless she was willing to go to a re-education camp in Canada. This is her own testimony with her own voice. It is like MANY that I have heard. You decide for yourself.

If you have a son or daughter that is thinking about going to IHOP, dear parent, you need to know that there is a chance you may never talk to them again. Students are being told by staff to "fast" from contact to parents that aren't fully supportive of IHOP. I have heard this from multiple sources, including current staff.

Things are very wrong here. Please also read or listen to my free book "The Red Dragon" for a better understanding of the situation at IHOP. This endless dance will not bring lasting revival. There is a delusion here that is VERY dangerous!

Search for our other videos about IHOP and visit http://www.FellowshipOfTheMart....yrs.com/mike_bickle_ for links to other resources and history.

Thanks for listening. Please pray for Stephanie and for FOTM. I expect some SERIOUS backlash. But if God is speaking and moving, then God will backup His people.

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