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remember these 2 nigger hating bitches in illinois.mp4

129 Views· 12 Aug 2019

these are the types that will smile in your faces in school, and then tell you how they really feel when they're drunk and away from you and feel they are in their element. But sometimes they do this around people who don't think like them, and expose their asses. So anybody around this high school named auburn in illinois and know where these 2 skanks live, just let everybody black know how they really view them. And lets not take that i'm sorry shit from these 2 mfs when they say they said that because they were drunk, because unfortunately i've been drunk once or twice in my life. And alcohol makes you tell the truth, when you normally won't say it. but feel that way

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Cheesy 3 years ago

This is how they really feel. Why blacks don't see that is beyond me.

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nenew24 3 years ago

These the Beckys our men go after, smh.

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My Tribe T.V
My Tribe T.V 3 years ago

I wouldn't even in my craziest nightmare.These dog fuccing ugly pink fuccs.

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Dangerous Television
Dangerous Television 3 years ago

Then....they'll turn around and call you racist for calling them out on their racism. Whites definition of racism always evolves around someone not liking them or namecalling.

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