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The Scary Truth About This Deadly NBA Players Death | UNSOLVED

44 Views· 09/21/19
Shala Yisrael
Shala Yisrael
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The Scary Truth About This Deadly NBA Players Death | UNSOLVED

Throughout NBA history there has been a common misconception that a majority of NBA players have had it easy. However, that is simply not true. Despite the enormous potential for fame and reward, the life of a professional NBA player is quite difficult. Beyond the possibility of a large bank account is a realm of tremendous sacrifice and hard work that rarely pays off. While it is true that there is a history of players who have managed to reach the top, it is more common for athletes to hit rock bottom and become victims of all the personal struggles one can think of.

As usual as these stories are, rarely do we hear of a professional athlete whose troubles led him to pay the ultimate sacrifice. His life. John Brisker was just such an athlete. He was once one of the deadliest NBA players, but unfortunately for him something terrible happened. What makes this story quite interesting is the mysterious circumstances surrounding his case. But before we start, please feel free to leave a like and comment what you think really happened. Don’t forget to watch until the end to find out the truth. This is The Scary Truth About This Deadly NBA Players Death!

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