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The Missing Hebrew - Point of View

31 Views· 27 Jan 2019
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Videos from last Friday’s March for Life and the Indigenous People’s March have been the subject of intense debate. In footage from a clip filmed in front of the Lincoln Memorial on Friday, high school students, some wearing Make America Great Again hats, appeared to be in a faceoff with a Native American elder. The footage went viral, as many on social media condemned the boys’ apparent actions. And then the media needed to cast blame. So after speaking the the students, and the Native Americans, we are giving a new story. Black Hebrew Israelite are at fault. How eazy it is to blame the one group not giving a voice.

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EBERHISTORY 2 years ago

Shalom alakiem Saints! I have been desiring to hear another added video from you both. I hope and pray things are well with you both. I have enjoyed this one immensely. This video as well as the others is another lovely piece of your labor of love.

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