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This Is Why Black Women Are The Laughing Stock Of All Women

10 Views· 24 Oct 2021
Above All That Drama
Above All That Drama
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They are at it again, attempting to encourage the black vote locally in Minnesota by using strippers and party buses. Let's talk not only about black women's appearance but the deeper issue at play here.

#BlackWomen #BlackCulture

About Me
My name is Kendra (my government name), but I’m also known around the Black Manosphere as DJ Fish Grease. That’s because I COOK, and I’m talking DEEP FRY, the foolishness that goes on in our communities. I’m really not a mean person, I just have a low tolerance for people, groups or institutions that play games with the lives of people I love. Like many of you, I fought the clutches of feminism (by extension, the gynocracy) all my life and I have happily supported Red Pill men throughout my lifetime (my father, husband, son, family members and friends.) I consider myself a Red Pill woman since birth. I was in a 20 year marriage before my husband passed away. He and I raised two children together (I have no biological kids, I raised my brother and sister practically from birth.) I belonged to a local Baptist Church but converted to Islam at the age of 18 - so I have a connection and a strong knowledge of both. I currently live in Chicago with family, not the good part unfortunately :-( …Go Bears!

About The Channel
This show is a place where I invite you to travel with me on feminine journey. Get ready to talk, laugh, scream and cry as we come to understand who we are and the value we possess as Black women. As a woman over 40, I have lots of wisdom to impart with a unique and unapologetic perspective. I will discuss topics I have conducted years of study on or thoroughly researched. This is a place of sisterhood, knowledge, wisdom, and healing. We will go from surviving, to striving, to thriving as we reclaim the values that made us more powerful as women, as mothers, as daughters, as sisters, as wives, and as a community.

About You
If you are a woman (or a young girl) looking for a friendly space with powerful information, tools and solutions you’ve come to the right place. Our goal is to give you a daily dose of feminine power from a Red Pill perspective while having fun doing it.

I want ladies to benefit from my channel in 5 distinctive ways:
1. Understand feminism and the gynocracy
2. Raise your level of awareness and consciousness
3. Utilize the 10 Life Values and other proven methods
4. Completely understand your female nature & nurture
5. Master your femininity to fulfill your supporting role

So, please make yourselves comfortable and enjoy!

Kind regards,
Kendra - Femininity Coach & Author

Show Times:
The Morning Show 10:00am CST Daily (15m max)
Live Cookout Show 3:30pm CST M-F (1hr max)
Sponsored Videos Upon Request
1on1 Coaching - email me

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Dangerous Television
Dangerous Television 2 months ago

Welcome to Amsterdam. If you vote for so and so we'll give you 3 free hours in our red light district of beautiful white wimmins.

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1PathwaytoFreedom 2 months ago

That is wrong I agree, but all black women aren't doing that, actually more ww and non bw are but they are just praised, rewarded, and respected for it. Even men who dress in drag to do the same thing are celebrated for disrespecting their own manhood and womanhood. So I don't see what the shock and finger pointing is about when it comes to the few bw doing that when all sorts of sexual degeneracy is normalized by the entire society. People doing these things might be doing spiritual things but not all spirits are of the true God, some spirits are demonic.

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