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Later for Africa 5: The Great White North

4 Views· 09 Oct 2021
Hard Cold Alquan
Hard Cold Alquan
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It's that time again. We have to remind the public that it is LATER FOR AFRICA! This time, we focus on the agent's called pan-Africanists biggest fears about the REAL Africa - Ottoman Turk occupied NORTH AFRICA! You know, the place where SOME people think Moors can be black or white and whites are in control of blacks! It is the place where pan-Africanists believe that Berbers are and were always white. It is the place where Hoteps will tell you than ancient Egypt was black - but not the rest! how does that work? They do it while worshiping a civilization that had changed hands and died out with Cleopatra - and she was basically Greek!

While brewing this, I had another run in with and up and coming pan-African C-00. he proved without a doubt that he has earned his 00 status! These agent pan-Africnists spend most of their time putting down black Americans, harassing us trying to get us to head for Africa - all while they make excuses for not going, they LIE, they know next to NOTHING about Africa - the REAL Africa, they think that the north is full of white arabs and white berbers - all while ignoring indigenous black North Africans - which they do not accept as having existed accept for having been brought there as SLAVES.

Lastly, they insist that the Moors were not black or African. We have already heard outlandish excuses by some, but it still has not stopped others from coming up with even dumber excuses - for their white master! Now there is ZERO doubts in my mind that pan-Africanists are C-00 agents of the white power structure, and they do as their Caribbean go-betweens do - they keep trying to convince us that Africa is so great and that WE (no they) need to go there ASAP! They are agents - THIS is why they cannot leave us alone, because they are on a mission!Hello.

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