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A Message To Black Men That Hate Black Women

421 Views· 03 Sep 2018
Everybody Hates Angel

If You hate Black women so much, then why not leave them alone... Only Psychos continue to talk about and stalk people they claim to hate.

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Taylor Alliease
Taylor Alliease 3 years ago

Thank you !

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3 years ago

Thank you.

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Thank you for continued love shown for us. We all have obstacles and battles to over come sometimes on this journey. Nothing matters more than having your melanin KING or QUEEN give supportive and encouragement during those times. Stay on code fam.

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Sabrina Taylor
Sabrina Taylor 3 years ago

I recently watched a video of the Black woman breaking the bus window and running over the old white man. Well it was a black man who replayed the video while laughing at her and saying it was funny . Im not agreeing on what this black girl did. Him laughing. says BLACK WOMEN are a joke. My question to him is “Is everything we do a JOKE ?” Everything! Sickness ! As I speak to people of non African American I constantly hear chuckling after each of my sentences. Ok it’s annoying ! STOP IT. I know when I’m being funny and I don’t like to explain it while I’m not ! Hugs Thank you for this video!!

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