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03-15-2021 Aurora, CO Insane Blizzard Aftermath/Cars Buried to Roofs/Roof Collapse/30in Accumulation

Above All That Drama

Contact Brett Adair with Live Storms Media to license.brett@livestormsnow.comA record shattering blizzard of epic proportions is finally making its way out of the Colorado region. Crippling the entire city of Denver. All major highways have been shutdown and slow to reopen due to hundreds of stranded vehicles hindering cleanup efforts. Hardest hit in the Denver region Aurora, Colorado received over 30 inches of snow and the weight of the snow caused a porch canopy to collapse and adding a lot of stress to homes before it can be cleaned off. Morning sunshine also reveals dozens of vehicles stranded at the entrance to their housing developments and apartments as they attempted to get home last night and would have to bail out on foot. i25 this morning was also an unusual ghost town as the empty highways stay littered with snowShot ListVehicles buried to roof Vehicle stuck in drifts preventing exit ramp to be cleared Roof Collapse Stranded motorists and plows attempting to get homeSemi trying to backdown highway/insane snowfall totalsInsane snowfall accumulation (30+) inches Driving empty i25

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