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Hannah Wants A Pet Goat

68 Views· 24 Jul 2019

Here’s the story about Mary Kate: https://www.kare11.com/article..../news/4-h-competitor

In this episode, we eat food. That’s pretty much all we ever do, but we really go above and beyond in this episode. We also attend a surprise birthday party for Sophia and Mary Kate. Later, we eat more food, but the wait takes so long that we almost perish. Enjoy!


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GRAB A COPY of Shane’s latest memoir, STRANGERS ASSUME MY GIRLFRIEND IS MY NURSE, featuring many never-before-told stories about Shane and Hannah’s relationship, right here: https://us.macmillan.com/books/9781626727700

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Intro animation made by Pinkietoons! Check out her Instagram page to see more of her awesome work: https://www.instagram.com/pinkietoons

Shane was born with a neuromuscular disease called Spinal Muscular Atrophy that requires him to use an electric wheelchair. He is the author of several award-winning books, the President of a nonprofit organization called Laughing At My Nightmare, and a renowned public speaker who has performed across the country at places such as Harvard University, The University of Florida, The University of Connecticut, Princeton University, and many more.

Hannah just graduated from Carleton College, where she studied Sociology and Anthropology. Her future aspirations include attending graduate school and owning a goat sanctuary. She films and edits the “Squirmy and Grubs” vlog.

Shane and Hannah have been dating for 3+ years and living together in Minneapolis for a year. On June 15th, 2019 they got engaged!!!! Their interabled relationship often confuses people, because much of society still cannot fathom people with disabilities being involved in loving, intimate relationships. Anyone who watches these episodes will quickly see their relationship is just as “normal” as any other. Sure, Hannah helps Shane use the bathroom and brush his teeth, but those activities do not detract from the emotional, intellectual, and physical connection they experience together.

Hannah‘s brother brought his new Oculus Quest for us to try. We’ve never done VR before, so it was quite an experience. Our Oculus Quest review is that it’s super fun, kind of scary, and definitely not for those who experience motion sickness. Virtual Reality offers a lot of potential for people living with a physical disability, too!

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