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Queen Ma'at Girl Vs. Black America: Kevin Samuels Exposed The Failure In The Pro Black Man!

1 Views· 10 May 2022

In dedication to the memory of Kevin Samuels I am calling on his supporters and haters to join us for this scholastic debate! Because my platform mirrors Kevin Samuels tough love approach, and controversial (often hated) constructive self help consultation approach, I find it fitting to debate the issue I have mentioned time, and time again regarding the obvious simp weakness of the pro black man. Until men stand up, rediscovering their backbones, and unapologetically correct voice, and assert their place and role as leaders of the black community black men, women and children will never earn the respect of outside races.

Simping up to women, and hustling them by telling them what you think they want to hear in order to grow YouTube channels, and get that bag is not leading as a man, nor is it protecting black women. It is the unsung reason for the collective failure of Black America! If you disagree I am calling you out! The winner of this debate will receive a cash app reward of $100 or better. Are you up for the challenge?

#QueenMaatGirlTv #KevinSamules #ProBlackFailure

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