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The only way out of this mess is for each and every one of us to become our own doctor

17 Views· 12 Nov 2021


⁣The only way out of this mess is for each and every one of us to become our own doctor

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"⁣The only way out of this mess is for each and every one of us to become our own doctor. I will teach humanity how to look after themselves and never fear germs again.

⁣⁣⁣How the jab destroys your immune system and how you can reverse the damage with natural modulates

⁣How to survive all pandemics now and in the future and how to reverse the damage done by the COVID-19 jab.

Here is the complete resource on chlorine dioxide protocol that no one wants you to know about. Please share the far and wide and if you can save just one life your stay on earth will have been vindicated.

Dr Mark Grenon Genesis2Church In prison in Bogota Columbia
For promoting Chlorine Dioxide as an effective treatment for COVID-19 virus


⁣'Bionic Woman' actress says substance known as MMS worked for her


Andreas Kalcker biophysicist in Swaziland author of Forbidden Health
Talkingg about how chlorine dioxide has proven to be a game changer in the fight against pathological problems including COVID-19.


How to order the book: Forbidden Health by Andreas Kalcker. I have shared another book called Forbidden Cures - not the one by Andreas - you can understand what is not being shared with us.


How to make chlorine dioxide solution


COVID-19 After Effect Of The Jab
And How To Reverse The Damage with DMSO and Chlorine Dioxide


How long can humanity ignore chlorine dioxide?


How we keep our clients safe with chlorine dioxide


MMS : The Miracle Cure? - the fifth estate


“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”


Jim humble Interview


Complete Chlorine Dioxide & DMDO course by the Genesis2Church


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