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10 High Paying Companies Requiring No College Degree | #BlackExcellist

11 Views· 07 Jan 2022
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10 High Paying Companies Requiring No College Degree
00:00 - INTRO
01:46 - APPLE
02:22 - GOOGLE
02:52 - ERNST & YOUNG
03:25 - IBM
03:57 - BOFA
04:30 - TESLA
05:12 - INFOSYS
05:47 - SLACK
07:03 - NETFLIX

Today’s tight labor market continues to be a promising landscape for job seekers, with economists even predicting more opportunities for professionals without a college degree. There is a growing list of top employers who are expanding their talent options and instead of looking exclusively at candidates who went to college, there are many companies, including Fortune 500 companies, that are now qualifying employees based on hands-on experience and boot camps or industry-related vocational classes. Besides… the founders of Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Uber and Dell *all* managed to create empires without graduating from college.

Nonetheless, we published a video earlier that focused on jobs that require no college degree as more and more families are considering future careers paths that will help young adults avoid piles and piles of student debt. As we stated in our previous video, we surely do not want to discourage Black Americans from pursuing a college education, but we do want to alert our young ambitious adults to the alternative paths to college that still lead to a highly successful career.

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