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7 minutes of pure phuckery.

33 Views· 21 Jan 2022
Above All That Drama

⁣A Black Woman Had Some Controversial Words for A African & A Caucasian Man in McDonald's

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commonman80 4 months ago

This Just Goes To Show That The American Black Woman Is Broke.. She's In There Yelling Like She's A White Man In A Black Store In The 1950s.. She's Conducting Her Self JUST LIKE A WHITE RACIST WOULD.. Which Goes To Prove She's A African American Woman Broken By The System.. These Are The Type Of Black Women Non-Broke Black Men MUST LOOK OUT FOR And Protect Themselves From..

In My Opinion? The Thing In This Video Is No Better Than A KKK Member Or A "White Supremacist".. Yet They Wonder Why These Type African American Women End Up Missing Without A Trace And No One Cares.. Those Government Dollars Have Done These Type African American Women In.. Incredible.. Jus Sayin.. Yep...

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