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Black Adopted Costco Girl Treated Like a Slave by White Family A HOAX?

253 Views· 24 Aug 2021

A woman on facebook named Angelica Mendez was inside a Costco in Palm Desert, CA when she saw a young black girl who social media has refeered to as "costco girl" she alleged she's being abused and neglected in the home of her adoptive family. There was a news segment ran and they alongside the police are saying the story isn't true. In this video, we address the claims and play the live videos from the woman who is making the allegations. She has stated since going public, she has been threatened by Police and her live videos and posts are being deleted.

Clip Used https://youtu.be/OKR9LljrbQA

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Dangerous Television
Dangerous Television 12 months ago

There's no such thing as a 100 percent "Happy family". Everybody got family problems. They just might not want their problems put on blast.

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TheMessiahsOurSavior 12 months ago

This is a unique case with lots of danger signals, including the girl asking a stranger for help and disclosing to them that she was being abused.

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sly35965 12 months ago

@1PathwaytoFreedom: Greetings, Yes, There Are Several Red Flags. If Not Human Trafficking, Then Why Should The Family Adopted A Black Child When They Have No Problems Procreating Their Kind? There's Something Sinister Occurring.

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TheMessiahsOurSavior 12 months ago

@sly35965: Absolutely! Just look at how miserable she looks. Someone said they were all eating and she wasn't even being allowed to eat.

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