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Former Baltimore Mayor Facing 20 Years in Prison For Fraud

Shala Yisrael
Shala Yisrael
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Former Baltimore mayor Catherine Pugh was indicted on Tuesday on multiple federal charges, including fraud and tax evasion.

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lazmor 3 years ago

This is why I tell black people, quit voting these coon ass do nothing negros in office because they are your color. I've seen this over and over in black communities. especially in chgo where negros keep voting for the same useless ass alderpeople who don't do shit but sell their neighborhoods to the highest gentrification builder, and then blame other people for it. the same shit that happens in detroit also. vote these coon ass negroes in who do nothing but steal whatever the whites left behind or let them steal until they don't give them their cut. Just like the jacksons in chgo who did shit for their communities , but yet lived in washington d.c. while alderwoman and senator and their kids went to private schools in d.c. while chgo schools in black areas shut down 50 schools. negroes couldn't see that either , because they blamed obama. not the mfs who are black and actually have a direct hand in chgo politics. just as these fools will be duped to vote for this woman whose husband died and now she's running for his seat in the congress or senate. But yet baltimore still looks like shit in the black areas, and he was there for decades . This is the same as the mfs in africa who are black and running their countries . too many are corrupt self made kings , and do shit for the masses. So again as I tell black people. Quit voting mfs in on their color and start voting your interest. Do you think obama became president because white people liked his color ? No he did because he served their interest. Until we learn to do the same , black areas will continue to suffer high crime , blight , out of control police, and all the social ills of a community , only magnified by a factor of 100

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Shala Yisrael
Shala Yisrael 3 years ago

Very well said because that is exactly what the hell is going on. ...smh

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