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Hispanic "Heritage" Month: What do they offer Musically and artistically?

6 Views· 24 Sep 2021
Hard Cold Alquan

This month is so-called hispanic heritage month, which I gather, celebrates people speaking Spanish! I supposed that celebration includes people being enslaved, killed, beaten, having religions forced on them and brainwashing them into speaking Spanish! I guess that's a heritage.

I want to concentrate on Spanish-speaking entertainers and their identities. Not all Spanish-speaking peoples look alike or are alike, so some want to be white when they are close enough to it, and other want to be white when not close to it.

I want to look into why hispanics are unable to impress in the art and entertainment with their various cultures, yet they maintain that they need representation. You need to have something appealing to the majority population in order to have them become interested in you. I will explain how they are only appealing when they do what BLACK AMERICANS have created! outside of that, the public has zero interest.

Hello. Any donations can be made via Google Pay! Thanks.


To: alquanspeaks@gmail.com

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