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Ex-Felon Builds 45 Vehicle Amazon Fleet & Shuttle Bus Company!

8 Views· 25 Feb 2022
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Trent Griffin-Braaf
Tech Valley Shuttle - https://instagram.com/techvall....eyshuttle?utm_medium

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0:00 - Introduction
2:26 - backstory
3:32 - tell me about the difference in the culture, talk about Albany New York
4:18 - what were you doing as a kid
5:07 - what high school do you go to
5:59 - what happens next in high school
6:46 - OTR Ad
10:29 - talk about the journey after you came home
13:09 - what were you doing at the temp agency
13:58 - how long were you there at the temp agency
16:54 - transition from street life to corporate
18:05 - what happens next after cleaning the toilets to becoming a manager
19:10 - what was happening in transportation
26:48 - shuttle company and managing the hotel - talk about the transition - a quick recap
28:26 - when you started the shuttle company, what was your first move
30:31 - micro-transit
32:30 - did you do any research to get your first bus
34:00 - how much did the first sprinter van cost
35:41 - how do you go about positioning yourself to these hotels
37:10 - shuttle service made feasible to hotels
38:47 - how do you know what to charge? did you lose money in the beginning?
39:54 - what was the model like was it per person? and how much were you charging
40:37 - reconfigure and reconstruct prices
43:59 - what about compliance and how did you set up the company
45:27 - how many vehicles did you scale up
51:50 - what was your main business at covid times and when you lost 98% of your business
53:08 - how were you able to do the free stuff for the people
55:44 - how big did you grow the tech valley
56:22 - current days how does tech valley look like
59:21 - who is keeping a track of all those different customers and their needs
1:04:04 - what is the DSP program - explain
1:05:21 - what is the biggest challenge working with amazon
1:06:55 - what have you learned from working with amazon DSP that you have incorporated with tech valley
1:10:33- what is important for you - revenue or impact
1:11:38 - if someone watching this wanna get into shuttle space what would you advise them - what is the first step they should take
1:13:30 - what does it really mean when you say you have a dollar amount contract
1:14:37 - what are you measuring twice right now to cut once
1:16:11 - final thoughts and where to connect

Trent Griffin-Braaf is the CEO of GB Logistics which specializes in last-mile delivery services and Tech Valley Shuttle which specializes in poverty reduction transportation services.

As a young adult Trent was sentenced to 4-12 years. However, while incarcerated he enrolled at Marist college, and used that as inspiration to become a “forever learner.” 
He went from janitor to general manager within Marriott. During that 5 year stretch, he had a lot of success within the hospitality industry. He leveraged that success and started Tech Valley Shuttle and hasn’t taken his foot off the gas since. 

Trent went from "FELON TO FORBES" and now has over 45 vehicles in the fleet and nearly 100 employees.   

•    Forbes “Next 1000” Honoree 
•    Albany Business Review “40 under 40” Honoree
•    Bloomberg Businessweek
•    New York Times
•    Business Review 
•    Forbes
•    Bloomberg Radio

Listen on: https://open.spotify.com/episo....de/7foJIVyAqQ7L9gC7q

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