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Disgustingly Desperate: Nicolle Rochelle Acts Like A Wild Hyena At Cosby Trial

561 Views· 10 Apr 2018
Nicole's View

Failed actress Nicolle RochelleIIe goes topless at Cosby trial acting like a wild hyena to protest Cosby. Here are my thoughts on this circus.

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harmonimelodi 4 years ago

Whether this Idiot was paid to protest or not doesn't matter to me, because her stupidity shows how dangerous cooning is to our community. I saw a clip on another video here on BlackJunctiontv and it showed how delusional and air-headed she truly is. It makes me angry when I see the lack of black support from coons and race-traitors like this. Disgusting!

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Bad Bad Puddy Cat!!!

(Lita Michelle) Kudos to this Naked Alien Beast,for protesting with your breasts hanging out,because no-one is checkin for you,so Kudos again for getting your 15 minutes of fame girl

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Denise Sansom
Denise Sansom 4 years ago


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