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Smugglers Land 35 Illegal Immigrants in Mission Bay | San Diego

20 Views· 16 Feb 2021
Above All That Drama

02.13.2021 | 08.15 AM | SAN DIEGO - A sport boat came into the rocks at Ski Beach where a group of people was fishing. The boat appeared to be out of gas or was breaking down and several people jumped into the bay. The boat landed against the rocks and up to 35 people jumped onto the rocks from the boat and started running into the parking area. There was a large number of women and children in the group. The U.S. Coast Guard was called, but they did not respond. SD City Lifeguards arrived by boat and were checking for anyone still in the water and U.S. Border Patrol Agents arrived and had the boat towed away.

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BConscience 1 year ago


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Shala Yisrael
Shala Yisrael 1 year ago

They want people to believe it's that easy for them to just sneak all the way into this country, with all the cameras, immigration boats in the water, etc. Not everyone is that stupid. They know exactly what's going on. But let some Haitians try to get in this country illegally and all hell would break loose and they would be immediately deported!! There are not enough jobs and food for black Americans who built this country, but they are gonna let some wetback immigrant in here, who didn't do s**t and use our taxpayer dollars to feed and educate them and give them jobs?? Corrupt bastards. That's why this hell hole is falling apart now!

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