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Dr. Matt’s Speech at the Sacramento Targeted Individual Rally, April 26, 2019

19 Views· 01 Jul 2021

Excerpt from the beginning of Dr. Matt’s Speech:

I’m here to speak truth to power! The uncomfortable truth is that people are being targeted with directed-energy weapons and radio frequency harassment devices all throughout California and the rest of the United States, just like the U.S. diplomats who were attacked with these weapons in Cuba and China. These weapons are not only in the hands of foreign powers that want harm the United States. An underground criminal culture has emerged, which acquires these weapons from the black market or builds them from commercial off-the-shelf hardware. People are being targeted by criminal harassment networks for the purpose of retaliation, coercion, random targeting for sadistic fun, or hate. That’s right. These are hate crimes. We call the crimes “electronic harassment”. In fact, that’s a euphemism, because the most powerful energy-weapon assaults don’t just cause high-pitched ringing in the ears. They cause torturous pain, visible burns, and even permanent ear damage and traumatic brain injuries, just like the diplomats in Cuba and China suffered. But it’s not only happening in rare instances on foreign soils. It’s also happening to a lot of people right here in California. Ella Free’s and my organization, FFTI, has crisis hotline for this issue. And that hotline is ringing off the hook from new victims calling us! Our hotline is ringing off the hook, day and night, with good people who are desperate for relief from their criminal targeting.

I’m here to speak truth to power! And another uncomfortable truth is that organized stalking — or coordinated campaigns of multi-stalker stalking and vigilante stalking by complete strangers — has become a pervasive crime throughout the world. Organized stalking and electronic harassment are linked crimes. One crime cannot be understood and addressed without also understanding and addressing the other crime. The two crimes are linked, because they’re both crime protocols for covertly terrorizing and harming people within our communities, right under the noses of law enforcement. We know the crimes are linked because many reporting victims receive both forms of persecution once they become targeted by one of the criminal harassment networks, which are run by wealthy individuals with malicious desires.

Don’t for a second think these are lightweight crimes. They’re felony violations of serious state and federal laws. But what do you think happens to victims who report these serious crimes to law enforcement? They’re totally dismissed; sometimes they’re mocked, or even worse. And that amounts to a total failure on the part of law enforcement. When cops deny the occurrence of serious felony offenses by organized crime groups, even though they’re being reported by huge numbers of victims right here in California, that’s an abject failure of law enforcement, no matter how you look at it. If police officers say they aren’t aware of a new type of crime or they don’t understand it, … well, it’s their job to know about the crimes that are happening in their jurisdiction. If police officers know about these serious felony crimes but choose to ignore them, that’s even worse. That’s a cowardly act on the part of law enforcement and a violation of their Oath of Honor. These dismissals by police officers need to stop, because they’re preventing the collection of crime statistics … crime statistics that could allow law enforcement to understand the scale of the problem and to start homing in on the offenders. The worst part of all is that the denials and dereliction of duty on the part of law enforcement are sending a clear message to the criminals “that organized stalking and assault and battery with energy weapons are crimes that police will not touch, no matter how much harm they’re causing in our communities.” This needs to stop … Right Now … because lack of action on the part of the peace officers we pay to serve and protect — with our tax dollars — is actually fueling the growth of serious organized crime!

When the police and other publicly funded institutions turn their backs on victims reporting organized stalking and electronic harassment, it demeans the victims. It actually re-victimizes people who are already dealing with prolonged campaigns of vigilante stalking and no-touch torture with directed-energy weapons. We demand that law enforcement starts treating reporting victims with dignity! And that they start doing their jobs by officially recording the allegations of victims and amassing crime statistics on the problem, so we, as a society, can start addressing this problem through the institutions that we pay for with our tax dollars.

[Speech truncated due to the word limitation for YouTube descriptions.]

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