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Combatting The Traitor Class

12 Views· 09/19/22
Above All That Drama
Above All That Drama
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The white media's gone from glorifying fictional Africans in Wakanda to glorifying real Africans who helped carry out the slave trade.
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commonman80 13 days ago

I Read Of The Dahomey Civilization DECADES Ago.. And, I Have NEVER READ That The Dahomey People Ever Engaged In The Continuation Of The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.. In Fact, I Read That They Were Quite Against Becoming Slaves, Or Selling Slaves, Or Trading Slaves.. This Movie Is An Altogether LIE.. In Fact, The Dahomey Women Warriors Fought Against The French At Least TWICE And Defeated Them TWICE..

The Only Reason, The ACTUAL KING, (Who Was Male.) Allowed The Women Warriors To Fight The French, Was, He Knew That The French Were Light Work For His Male Warriors.. And? He Knew That It Would Be A Waste On Time Sending Them To Battle With The French Army.. So, The ACTUAL KING Sent The Female Warriors To "Take His Light Work".. (So To Speak.)

The Women Warriors KICKED THE FRENCH'S ASS BOTH TIMES THEY TRIED TO DEFEAT THE Dahomey People.. In Fact? The Dahomey Women Warriors Would CUT OFF THE HEADS OF THE FRENCH SOLDIERS, To Show That They Defeated Them.. The Only Reason The French Finally Defeated Them, Was Because Of The Invention Of The Gatling Gun.. Invented In 1862..

The Dahomey Women Warriors COULD NOT Go Up Against This New Invention.. The Gatling Gun, Was The First Machine Gun. Which Is Why The French Defeated Them.. However, We Have To Use LOGIC Here.. LOGIC Being.. If The Dahomey People Were For Slavery? Then WHY WOULD THEY KILL THE PEOPLE WHO WERE IN CHARGE OF SLAVERY.. Especially When They Would Kill ALL EUROPEANS They Came In Contact With At The Time..

This Is Why The Producers Are Suddenly Coming Out With The Truth That This Movie Is Only FICTION.. Never Let Europeans Tell Our Story.. Because They Will ALWAYS Make Themselves Out To Look Like The "The Good Guys".. Just Sayin.. Yep...

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