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F**K Walmart

1,045 Views· 14 Mar 2018


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LadySJO 4 years ago

For the John Crawford incident and many other reasons, I salivate every time I hear an announcement about their stores closings or sales declining. We may not like Trump or hia policies, but a great side-effect of the cuts to the SNAP program, Medicare/Medicaid, reduction of legal and illegal immigration, etc. is that Wal-Mart's sales will decline further and their many of their sources of low-cost labor will dry up. They'll either pay more likely Target has to or Amazon will drive them out of business!

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Mrsuperboy655 4 years ago

Just a very sad fucked up story that guy that reported it should of went to jail for filing a false report and those officers should of been of been charged with murder. This is why I say fuck the police cause when it comes down to blacks getting shot dead like animals nothing gets done and I'm sick and tired of that shit.

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4 years ago

That white man was afraid, a pansy. He assumed something, and hoped for something. He got what he hoped for. Such a terrible loss for the young man's family.

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Sun is hot Ra
Sun is hot Ra 4 years ago

made it.

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NatureG21 4 years ago

You know this incident remains a sore spot for me...Does anyone know if JC's family sued Richie? At the very least there needs to be a running montage of the pictures of all the murderers of our people that are played EVERY DAY on the major social media sites. It's one thing we know and that is they hate to be called out on their sh!t.

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