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Colorism ?????????? .. Racism’s Sneaky Twin Sister ???| A Video Essay *Commentary

5 Views· 06/06/21
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Commentary video on the discussion of colorism and how it affects many POC Communities!
This includes: Mental, physical, and psychological affects colorism has on the communities it dominates!

Hello to all, How are you doing? 🦋
I want to thank each and every person who comes by my channel and watches my content!
In today’s video I speak about Colorism and my take on it!
I urge everyone in the comment section to try and be respectful, I know that this is a topic that garners strong opinions but let’s remain civil.
This is a commentary video, and these a just a few on my views and ideas!

I suggest that everyone read up on Colorism, Racism and micro-aggressions because it’s a topic that gets a lot of attention but not nearly enough education. I believe that it’s important that we at least try to understand the world that we live in, as a way to enhance our quality of life so I strongly recommend for YOU to do your own research and form YOUR on opinions on the matter!

I’d love to read them all!

A lil info about me:
Name: Makayla Anderson
Age: 18
Height :5’3
Location : So - Cal
*and I also live in a van lol

Any who, hope you guys enjoyed today’s vid!
Peace and love,
Makayla xx

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