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Homeless man builds 2 story condo on SKIDROW ?? #losangeles #skidrow #fyp

15 Views· 11 Jun 2022
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UPDATE‼️ When I initially recorded this video I had no idea it would go viral on TikTok… Since The video went viral Chandrika the artist, made a go fund me for MINUS… Being The fact that shortly after the city came and tore his two-story condo down… Chandrika go fund me went bananas with a lot of supporters donating money for Minus… Chandrika put minus in a hotel room for several months living like a king with the money that was donated… trying to help MINUS get on his feet but minus was very resistant… He Wanted to use the money for unlogical expenses that would not help him in the long run just momentarily needs… Now I had no control over the money this is just information put forward to me from Chandrika… I did get to interview her tap on the link below.


CHANDRIKA (artist I met on Skidrow) EP. 140


The inside of the two-story cardboard condo on Skidrow… This is before I met MINUS

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