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Empty Hands - World of African Martial Arts Intro - Kilindi Iyi

29 Views· 22 Feb 2020

Empty Hands - The World of African Martial Arts Part 1 - Ahati Kilindi Iyi
To order this entire DVD, you can purchase it and many others at http://www.AfricanHistoryNetwork.com. Also available are DVD lectures from Michael Imhotep host of "The African History Network Show".

This extraordinary demonstration videos shows some of the basic techniques of African Martial Arts. Contrary to popular belief, Martial Arts did not originate in Asia. It originated in Africa. The 1st fighting systems know to man came out of Africa. All of the various African Cultures had their own fighting systems. Kilindi Iyi started his Martial Arts career learning boxing from his father. Being an avid wrestler as a boy, Martial arts became an easy task. During the mid 60s he had the pleasure of seeing a Martial Arts demonstration at the Michigan Sate Fair. Fascinated by the efficiency of the techniques, he decided at that point and time that the fighting arts would be his lifelong vocation. Studying with the top masters of the day in the Detroit area, his vision of Martial Arts changed in the late sixties and early seventies from Oriental to African Martial Concepts. Studying with anyone from the African continent that knew anything about African fighting arts in the United States Kilindi traveled to Africa in the late seventies to intensify his studies of the African Fighting Sciences. It was during this time that the Ta-merrian Martial Arts Institute was developed and it has grown to be one of the most sought after Martial Arts Schools in the world. Kilindi continues to this day to be a student teacher and advocate of the ancient African Martial tradition. Kilindi has been instrumental in the promotion of African Martial Arts community and the general public. He has worked to bring a greater understanding of cross-cultural Martial Art systems through his writings. He has also appeared on the covers of many national and international magazines, such as Inside Kung Fu and Martial Arts Masters. Kilindi Iyi has been featured on local and national television programs such as 60 minutes and Strange Universe. Kilindi was recently honored on The Martial Arts Masters produced by Wesley Snipes as one of the Masters of the Martial Arts in the 20th century. Fighting has always come natural to Kilindi. Growing up in Detroit was a great testing ground for his Martial Arts. Kilindi Iyi is also an excellent kick boxer having an impressive record before his retirement in l981 of 19 wins and 0 loses. Kilindi is one of the pioneer fighters of the NKL in the mid 70s started by Chuck Norris that had fighters such as Benny Urquidez and Everett Eddy. Kilindi has also won many tournament championships in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana. Kilindi continues to teach children in the Detroit area and spreads his art throughout the world through workshops and seminars. The Ta-merrian Institute teaches several African forms of African fighting such as Saki of North East Africa, Senegalese Wrestling of West Africa, Zulu Stick Fighting of Southern Africa, Giddibo of Nigeria West Africa. Some of the teachers who have influenced his Martial knowledge are Baba Ishangi, Nana Ganyo, the late Edward Moore, the late Carlton James, Loren Adams, Hori Apop, R. Woods, Moses Powell and many others too numerous to mention. Kilindi Iyi continues to be a driving force in the Martial Arts World and he is always willing to learn and share his wealth of knowledge.

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