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Shady Things McDonald's Tried To Hide From Their Employees

19 Views· 05 Feb 2022
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McDonald's is one of the most recognizable brands in the world. Like Coca-Cola and Disney, all most people need to see is an outline of a logo to instantly know what it is. That's not bad for a company that started with a single burger joint back in 1954. Now, McDonald's has nearly 37,000 locations worldwide, with almost 2 million employees, according to Forbes.

And when they start a new job at McDonald's, those employees often don't know everything that's in store for them. From wage disputes to accusations of discrimination to even workplace violence, these are some of the shady things McDonald's tried to hide from their employees.

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Wages aren't enough to live on | 0:00
Resistant to raising wages | 1:31
Unpaid overtime | 2:58
Tough job | 4:26
Understaffing | 5:35
Unpredictable work schedules | 6:45
Workplace violence | 7:26
Harassment | 8:43
Racial discrimination accusations | 9:52
Inadequate COVID-19 protections | 10:56

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