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Big Stash of Money Found Hidden In Bathroom Wall of Joel Osteen's Megachurch

19 Views· 05 Dec 2021

Seven years after an estimated $600,000 was stolen from a safe at Joel Osteen’s Houston megachurch, envelopes full of money were found hidden in a bathroom wall there, the church has confirmed.

The story of the Nov. 10 discovery came to light Thursday when a man identifying himself as a plumber called the Morning Bullpen radio show at Houston’s KILT, “The Bull.”

He described the events that occurred while he was making a plumbing repair at Lakewood Church: “There was a loose toilet in the wall, and we removed the tile,” the caller said. “We went to go remove the toilet, and I moved some insulation away and about 500 envelopes fell out of the wall, and I was like, ‘Oh wow!'”-

Learn More: https://www.mercurynews.com/20....21/12/03/stash-of-mo

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