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LIVE: CA Sheriff Admits He’s a Oath Keeper, Arbery’s Killer Wants Ban on Confederate Plate Photo

9 Views· 06 Oct 2021
Above All That Drama

One of Ahmaud Arbery’s killers wants to ban a photo of a confederate vanity plate. A California sheriff acknowledges he was a dues-paying Oath Keepers member. An Anti-Masker tells teachers and staff they should be executed. A ‘Karen’ cuts a drive thru line and tells a man to go back to his country. A ‘Karen’ school bus driver yells at students and flips off a mom. North Carolina jail staffers accused of ignoring signs black man was in distress, displaying callousness before his death. A ‘Karen’yells at Black woman and gets a taste of her own medicine by an anti-karen security guard. The Southlake, Texas school board reprimands teacher for anti-racist book after parents claim it violates their ‘faith and values’. Co-Host Dina Doll. Alexander Salter enters the BULLPEN.

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