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Should You STOP DATING if You’re Broke?

16 Views· 06 Dec 2021
Wise Phenomenal

I got the honor of having a quality convo with my friend Stephan Labossiere—aka Stephan Speaks—who’s an author, speaker and certified relationship coach who helps people heal from their past trauma and improve ALL their relationships (including their relationship with God). We went deep into what men and women need to understand about each other, the right way to heal, and what it really means to be “high value.” I know this episode will encourage you guys!

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And if you send me a text at 615.930.3431, you’ll get connected to me and my team so we can help you get out of debt and build true wealth. This is our year!

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Dangerous Television
Dangerous Television 8 months ago

Sometimes you'll find you get more play when you're broke...Broke men put women in charge of the relationship...and many women like that.

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Wise Phenomenal
Wise Phenomenal 8 months ago

I'm not gonna lie... I've always believed that women can be broke and still date, oppose to a man who traditionally initiates the date and therefore are expected to pay ~ ** $$$ **

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