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10 Views· 27 Jun 2021

I'm tired of the so called "gender war" raging on and I'm tired of certain black men getting mad at me and other men of like mind for stating the obvious! Here's what I want you to do... Put yourselves in the shoes of a black woman for a minute. Now answer this question: Do you feel safe in society?

I've asked several black women this question and the answer that I got over and over again is, "no". And I completely understand why!

From the time black people were put on slave ships and transported across the sea til now, we haven't been in a period of time where they were able to be at peace and feel secure. That is why they have lost faith in our ability to provide and protect. And that is why they have taken the "i'll do it myself" attitude. We were both traumatized because of the events that we went through in the past and we're still suffering from the effects. But the bottom line is, that black women have not been able to rest in their femininity, due to the things they've had to endure next to us.

It is our duty as men to be strong enough to take the weight off of our women's shoulders. That's the only way to restore what many women have lost.

This may go against what you've heard, but alot women want to be able to stand next to their man and let him take charge. The problem is that they haven't seen enough in us to feel comfortable with doing that.

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