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Stop Being Nice About Making Money

13 Views· 19 Jan 2022
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Theirs this quote by Doctor Jordan Peterson and he says, you want to be a completely monster in life, but also be in full control of that inner monster ( incase you ever need to use it ). You don’t want to be Mr.Nice Guy or Gal and that’s all you can be, because people take advantage of those people sometimes.

So this video is mostly focus on money, and places that I think people are to nice and could be a little more Firm and Confrontational to get what they deserve. SO if you don’t like asking for things, confrontational or any of the stuff, you need to watch this video.

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0:00 Intro
3:00 Not Asking For A Raise
5:41 Not Looking For Other Jobs
8:18 Not Negotiating
11:46 Being Mr/Ms We Can Always Count On
15:58 Learning When To Call It Quits
17:23 Outro

1. Not asking for a Raise or for what you deserve( because you are just so grateful you got the opportunity )
- Stop apologizing for wanting more money, it doesn’t mean you are money hungry, what it means you want what you deserve ( your value)
- If you work a job for along time or haven’t raised prices in a while, but the market is reflecting something different, its time to ask

Ps; For the people that say
- IM not in it for the money
- I just want to cover my basic needs
- I just want to give it all away

2. Not looking for other jobs ( because you want to be 100 and be loyal to core lol, but then you get laid off)
- My uncle is the most loyal person I have legit evermet in my entire life ( but that also gets him in trouble sometimes )
- He could License and a few certificated and leave the company and make atleast 50% more money but really wants to be apart of the company

Ps. Use Offers from other jobs to Negotiate Potentially after trying once to a Raise
- My cousin is Doing this at a logistics company and got 2 raises so far but is still leaving to make more money
- When the job market is hot and you got some good skills its okay to go somewhere else

3. Not Negotiating ( Car, House/apartment, New Job )
- This has to do a lot about being to nice, embarrassed and not trying to initiate any confrontation
- Negotiating even 3% discount on something is a massive deal with big tickets items

Car: don’t look at the MSRP look at the Dealer Invoice ( dealer Cost )
Link: https://help.edmunds.com/hc/en....-us/articles/2061023

House: Neogitiating that they pay Closing Cost, Home warranty, House Price or even furniture
- Apartment: rent

Job: what they want to pay you is called an offer not mandate ( I think a lot of get scared but its all about your value baby )

4. Being Mr/Ms we can always Count on ( Say No when you cant )
- This includes lending family money or Doing Work for free for other people or less than you are worth ( also always saying yes to everytime people ask for your time or money, especially when its not in your best interest )
- I understand the fear and the stigma potentially but you gotta look for you and saying yes is always saying no to something else

5. Learning when to call it Quits on Financial Detrimental Relationships
- This can be friends, Family or Romantic relationship
- You don’t have to end things per say, but you have to end your reactions to those things and set up your boundaries and stick to it

Bonus: when you do this, you might lose some friends but if someone only likes you for what you can do and not for who you are ( that’s not real bro )




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