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White Woman Changes Her Skin Black with Melanin Injections

336 Views· 26 Sep 2018
Everybody Hates Angel

Update: she now wants to be Black and is having plastic surgery to have African features. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gZOzieQ_afk
Meet Martina Big, the german woman who has completely changed her skin color from pale damn near white to dark brown. Is she profiting from the features that belong to Black women? Angel Ramirez-Jordan gives his opinion.

The videos mentioned in this video are linked below:
“white women pretending to be Black - Cultural Appropriation”

“Black women Wearing weave is not cultural appropriation”

“Dear Dark Skin Black Women You’re Beautiful”

"My thoughts on Rachel Dolezal"

Dr Llaila Afrika - Discussing Melanin

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MDS Multiverse Network

Black Women please just wear your Afros. That's the one thing that they can't naturally duplicate

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MDS Multiverse Network

Well I be damn!!!

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GhostCell47 3 years ago

Is this woman serious?

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myrbl30Akan 3 years ago

Don't get it twisted. There is NO substitute for the original woman and man.

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myrbl30Akan 3 years ago

She wish! LMAO

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