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29 Yr Old Pre-Med Student Has MULTI-MILLION Dollar “LOCAL” Trucking Company In Less Than 3 years!

10 Views· 20 May 2022
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0:00 - Introduction
2:59 - Backstory
2:37 - Where are you guys from originally
3:45 - what type of job does she do
4:28 - Now what's your pops doing
5:33 - what type of physician was he
6:36 - your mother and father were not together at that time
7:42 - tell me about the transition for you as a kid
9:54 - High school days what were you about
12:13 - you went to college which school
14:58 - what school did you transfer into
15:06 - what do you study now
19:16 - City commercial truck ADD
20:37 - the new manager won't let you get away with
22:22 - Tranzact Academy ADD
26:41 - what kind of money you making
29:18 - she came back look at God
31:08 - lusha AAD
31:51 in your mind that was enough to take over the business
32:42 - how many trucks
34:01 - no customer no business just the truck asset and cash
36:01 - 2 trucks 2 drivers and you go the charlotte
38:24 - Tranzact Academy ADD
46: 04 - what the interest rates look like
48:52 - Vinemo ADD
48:52 - OCTAFX ADD
54:15 - OTR Capital ADD
54:15 - OCTAFX ADD
1:01:20 - what is the country Philippines
1:05:42 - we can get job easy
1:09:03 - Google ads
1:14:17 - now the initial one is from your dad or Philippines
1:15:59 - you only have one of the two right
1:17:44 - GoDaddy / SSL AAD
1:19:11 - so you have been consistently paying loans
1:20:45 - you said 2,000 a month
1:22:09 - who finally took you on
1:25:27 - OCTAFX ADD
1:27:28 - They wont come after you if the broker doesn't pay
1:29:00 - Miles Education Add
1:29:37 - just to see what they say
1:30:15 - you did not understand the concept
1:35:29 - so are they buying or lease or just getting business jump in
1:37:51 - giving them business in a box
1:39:17 - hot side for them
1:41:03 - to take on the responsibility
1:42:44 - it did not matter if you had them or not
1:45:28 - was it the lady back from the day
1:51:52 - so what happen did they contact the women
1:58:45 - that is too big of a mistake
1:58:55 - what was she did exactly did paper work mistake
1:59:23 - Lusha AAD
2:03:13 - what he do did he drop the trailer's like that
2:06:04 - so right now you took no over the road and now everything is local
2:07:48 - now above and beyond for you if you need a favor they got you
2:08:32 - who dispatches for him
2:08:59 - that is an amazing story with so many up's and down's in 3 years
2:09:22 - talk about newer and used trucks
2:17:55 - you right do you have all sleeper's
2:18:55 - what if the company has volume spikes
2:21:11 - this is a crazy roller coaster
2:21:35 - how are you looking at growing
2:24:15 - you take care of your driver's they take care of you
2:27:17 - moral of the story hang in there man
2:27:51 - final thoughts and where to connect

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Special Thanks To Our Guest Andrew Alexandre


Andrew Alexandre has been overcoming adversity his entire life. From being the victim of a kidnapping as a child growing up in New York City to contemplating suicide as a young entrepreneur, he never gives up, always finding the “loophole!” willing to go above and beyond to win.

Today the former pre-med student owns 15 Trucks, paid for in cash, and runs a successful multi million dollar local trucking operation. We went to visit Andrew at his warehouse and got to learn about his journey to success in the last 2 1/2 years and all the failures that proceeded along the way.

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