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Here's what Tampa, Florida looks like these days. It's complicated.

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Tampa is improving. But at what cost?

Tampa has a lot of new areas, but is it changing too fast? There are lots of bad areas here. But there’s more to Tampa than just bad areas, of course. It’s a big city. And in order to get a complete look at what Tampa is like these days, we need to look at a map and then drill down into each area.

This is Tampa today. Now as you can see there’s a lot of rundown parts of town. We saw that. But there’s a lot of really nice areas here, too, and it’s growing super fast. It’s still cheaper to live here than in many areas in south Florida, so it’s a big draw for new people. As we’ll discuss, poor people are being forced out, as newcomers with more wealth are flocking here in droves.

And you’ll notice there are a lot of bridges. That’s because, well, this place sits on a bay. Hence the name, Tampa Bay. Across from Tampa is the city of St. Petersburg, which I covered in another video. That’s where all the traditional beaches are. I mean, Tampa does have some beaches, but they aren’t the type of beaches with waves per se.

Driving across the bay to get into Tampa proper can be a really pretty drive. From this bridge, it takes anywhere from 20 minutes to 5 hours to get into downtown, depending on traffic. And downtown is where we’re gonna start.

Now Tampa has a pretty average downtown. It’s pretty clean and well maintained. It costs so much more to live here mow, so there’s a lot of homeless in the town, but they aren’t pooping on the sidewalks or camping out.

Downtown Tampa used to be DEAD after 5pm unless it was a weekend. It was like a ghost town down here not too long ago. But that has changed, mister. They’ve brought in a bunch of new reasons for people to stay downtown now with new bars and restaurants and the like. We’ll talk about the new fancy riverwalk area soon.

Brandon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Auj71zYODVQ

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