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12-23-2021: Why Black Women are Alone This X-mas

9 Views· 24 Dec 2021
Above All That Drama

This is the loneliest year on record for Black women. We explain.

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Shala Yisrael
Shala Yisrael 5 months ago

Xmas (Santa=Satan), along with all these heathens pagan holidays are a curse! They do not belong to us as a nation. TMH has warned us time and time again to STOP or else. We are in the end times and these fools still don't get it. So, you can bet that TMH will be doing a lot a killing over these heathen helladays (Thx giving, Xmas, New Years, Easter, etc), including to these brain washed, glutton for punishment Negroes, that can't seem to stop celebrating these heathens helladays, death culture and traditions. Anytime a Negro celebrates a helladay (Black Friday), that was created to sale our ancestors (Negro slaves), at a 50% discount, they have serious mental issues. Yet right up to the end, these fools still line up a Nike and these heathens high end stores, to spend their money and celebrate our ancestors and our own suffering, under these heathen savages and it's absolutely sickening.

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