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How to Make Monthly Income from Stocks | Passive Income

8 Views· 01 Apr 2021
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The way I started with passive income was simple, I started with one bill at a time.

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1. Dividend Income
- Dividend is the company you invested into, paying the investors back a percentage of the profits
- Some companies it and some companies choose to keep the money and reinvest it back into the company for more growth
- And Most companies pay out dividends every quarter 3 months but some also pay them out monthly

However, there is one thing I want to say:
- Dividends are attractive, you know that and I know that
- But so do companies
- So be careful investing in a company, just because they offer a large dividend ( the goal is to invest into a company that’s going to be around for a long time )

2. Picking dividend stocks
- Now if you want to pick stocks I recommend these 2 books rights here ( not to read them but to study them as if they were textbooks )
- Now ones you read those books, you’ll realize that although dividends are cool it shouldn’t be the main reason you invest in a company
- You’re goal is to buy a great business at a good price or business for less than they will sell and make some quick cash

What I recommend:
- This is for people that want to be full-time investors ( because companies are never safe, so when you do invest in a company you have to review it every 6-12 months )
- So when you see videos on Youtube saying these are the dividend stocks, or articles saying that be careful
- Because again business fail, and you make 5% in dividend but lose 50% of your money, then what's the point
Show: Sofi

3. For Passive investors
- This is what primarily focus on now, just putting my money to work passively
- By investing in index funds and also ETFs
- I also get every monthly income

Currently, I have invested 168k into m1 finance ( it pay around 2% in dividends and 10% in growth )
- Every month I get money from my bonds
- And every 3 months I get money from the normal Stock ETFs
- But notice just in the month of December I made $603.26 in dividends
- Now by the end of this year, I should average around $800 a month in passive income dividend

Tip: this all starts with $10, and investing $16.66 a day ( for a lot of you that’s one hour work or 2 hours of work ) – better than spending on Nike




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