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John Young The Real Creator Of The Buffalo Wings

9 Views· 28 Nov 2021
Above All That Drama


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MemoGrafix 1 month ago

John Young The Real Creator Of The Buffalo Wings
AI_I_ BIack PeopIe watchng th¡s, NEVER show anybody other than Your BI_ACK/BRONZE/COPPER FAMlI_Y MEMBERS how to COOK at home &/or Your B¡zness..
l Iive in Buffalo NY off & on since 1977.
l recaII for years cave beasts compla¡n¡ng about hot & sp¡cy food, ¡ncluding bIack pepper. They Iaughed at Us B¡ack PeopIe for decades for eat¡ng w¡ngs/ch¡cken ¡n generaI.
However, they cook bIand & bor¡ng ¡f they cook to th¡s day, (WhyPeepo everywhere).
l can aIways teII for some reason ¡f a QaaveDev¡I cooked food using the exact same rec¡pes of Back PeopIe, the¡r ENERGY is not there LlKE OURS.
Out of aII the years of Me l¡v¡ng ¡n BuffaIo, l ate ¡n _*The Anchor Bar*_ once back ¡n 1993. Food wasn't bad, but was NOT great to Me I¡ke peopIe raved.
BuffaIo's food ¡s typical BuffaIon¡an food: W¡ngs, P¡zza, Beef on Weck(??), Burgers, Subs (submar¡ne sandw¡ches aka HEROES as We NYers caII them).
Now as of the last 20+ years Arabs, East lnd¡ans, etc. have settIed ¡n Buffa¡o, the food here has gotten more d¡verse and tast¡er, finaIIy, due to that's the¡r food. Car¡bbean Food to Me ¡s the best tast¡ng here ¡n BuffaIo.
UnfortunateIy, *_SOME_* of the rema¡n¡ng SouI Food Restaurants have Iost the¡r *_"SouI"._* Forgive Me for saying so, much of what I've eaten of BuffaIo SouI Food tastes Iike ¡t comes from a t¡n can or, factory processed pre-frozen truck-del¡vered.
l haven't eaten at aII BIack-Owned Restaurants, l Iook forward to before l Ieave Buffalo/NYS for good to see who's good.
Even ¡f l eat at Fr¡end's homes, they just don't season food weII and ¡t's Ioaded with salt, same goes for WhyPeepo owned eater¡es I¡ke LaNova's, Jims Steak Out, Mister Pizza, nationwide restaurants (fast/slow food), Etc.
Any restaurant owned by qavebeests where the food is seasoned good & tasty, the rec¡pes are STOl_EN or they have BIack PeopIe ¡n the k¡tchen h¡dden, cook¡ng away.

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