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The Easiest Lightning Fast Way to Buy Bitcoin | Strike App Review

8 Views· 23 Sep 2021

In this video I show you the fastest and easiest (by far) way to buy Bitcoin in 2021. No exchange required, just one little app called Strike. Simply link your bank account (via Plaid) or debit card to the Strike app, deposit money, tell Strike the public address that you want to send your Bitcoin, and Strike will do the rest!

Over the weekend at Bitcoin 2021 in Miami, Strike's founder Jack Mallers announced that El Salvador would be introducing legislation to make Bitcoin legal tender, removing the capital gains tax, and holding Bitcoin as a reserve asset. Strike's work in El Salvador has been a massive win for the people of El Salvador, monetary soverignty, and freedom. International remittances (a huge portion of El Salvador's GDP) will now be much safer and subject to almost 0 fees (vs the outrageous fees previously charge by the current financial infrastructure).

⚡️ Checkout Strike the fastest way to buy Bitcoin Verify your Account and Earn $5: https://invite.strike.me/Y4IT3W

♊️ Sign Up for Gemini and get $10 of BTC when you Trade $100:

🎙 Learn More About Strike from Founder Jack Mallers: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/....podcast/jack-mallers

🏊‍♂️ Learn More About the Mempool! http://mempool.space

Intro 0:00
Strike Demo 1:08
Why I Love Strike 2:10
Where Strike Needs to Improve 6:39
Should You Use Strike? 9:02

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