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The plan to use the vaccine to wipe out Black populations: Aborigines in australia calling for HELP

8 Views 11 Nov 2021
Black Global Village

The vaccine has been rolled out aggressively towards black people across the world. Similar messages of alarm are coming from black populations who happen to be minorities in their own land or white nations. Here amember of one type of black person whose population was nearly gentically whitewashed which is the reason he looks like the way he does is crying for help against a sinister planon thevaccine is having on his people. PLEASE SHARE IF YOU CAN AND SPREAD THE WORD IF YOU BELEIVE THIS IS OUR PLANET AND WE AREALL OVER THENDONT PREACH IT DO SOMETHING Here is the description from the original video:鈦OS Lurnpa TO world leaders or anyone who can help, from sovereign tribes of australia. Hey! You call yourself a friend, right? You stand for what is right, right? Who hasn't seen Lurnpas arrests? Aunty Buckys arrests?... Our arrests? Heard about our Kabi Elders (including Aunty Dawn of 76yrs) who were dragged from their land at Djaki Kundu Sacred Site aka gympie pyramid? Do we destroy sacred sites or protect sacred sites? IF YOU'RE NOT HELPING TO SAVE DJAKI KUNDU YOUR COMPLICIT IN AIDING GENOCIDE COME ON, GET WITH IT! it's happening in front of our faces, in our homes EVERYONE IS "TALKING" about it. Genocide is occurring before our eyes! What are you doing about it. What are WE doing about it? WHAT MORE CAN I DO?!!!Wake up, join us, come to Djaki Kundu. HELP US!!! please share this SOS to the world. This is serious shit. With love, Turtle Dove 馃檹馃挏

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